HERO - Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization


Join Us for our Annual Event May 17th!

The number of drug overdose deaths in Illinois has been rapidly and consistently increasing over the past decade.

HERO, HELPS, and the Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues are hosting a community forum aimed at creating a dialogue among families, public officials, law enforcement, health care providers, educators, and the public, allowing everyone involved to learn more about the drug overdose crisis and talk about solutions. The event will be held on May 17, 2014 at the Romeoville Athletic and Events Center, 55 Phelps Avenue, Romeoville, IL. 

Organizations that provide information and services related to drug abuse will be present at the event beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Key Speakers for 2014:
Bill Patrianakos, heroin addiction and recovery
George DeTella, Dupage County Naloxone Distribution Pilot
John Roberts, HERO co founder
Kris Adzia, Robert Crown Center
Celeste Napier, PhD.
Gawtham Gutta, MD
James W. Glasgow, Will County Statte's Attorney
Robert Snipes, Stepping Stones
Ron Vlasaty, Family Guidance Methadone Assisted Treatment

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HERO Family Support

Our HERO Family support is available the 2nd & 4th every month at 7PM.

It's located at Lincolnway Christian Church, 690 E. Illinois Hwy, New Lenox, IL 60451. 
To register, please call the church office or click here  


In the media

While we're still a relatively small organization, HERO is regularly featured in the media. Learn more about HERO and the heroin problem here.

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