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HERO's mission is all about prevention, intervention, and support. We understand that we can't help everyone on our own. That's why we've gone to great lengths to seek out various professionals in the areas of psychology, medicine, addiction, and more. We gather those resources here so you can get the help you need without having to search far and wide.

The professionals we list have been rigorously vetted and have shown to be competent and extremely helpful. We take credentials, reputation, and recommendations based on personal experiences into account. We never list anyone for profit and will not accept donations in exchange for a listing. We'd be more than happy, however, to take any recommendations you have into consideration and list them here once we've done the proper research.

If you would like to recommend a treatment provider not listed here feel free to contact us via email on our contact page.

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Medical Treatment Providers

The professionals listed in this category specialize in the medical treatment of addiction. Most have a focus on heroin but are certified to treat all addictions. These providers may be able to provide addiction-specific medications such as Suboxone, Methadone, and Vivitrol.

Type Provider Contact and Location Other information
Addiction medicine Dr. Gawtham Gutta 330 North Madison Street, Suite 303 across from Provena Saint Joseph's Hospital at the corner of Glenwood and Madison St. in Joliet, Illinois. (815) 744-0029 Dr. Gutta gets a nothing but glowing reviews from many people we've spoken to including a HERO board member. Dr. Gutta specializes in addiction medicine and is a certified perscriber of Suboxone for heroin maintenance treatment.
Medical More to come...    


Treatment providers in this category are specialists in the psychology of addiction, grief counseling, and all manner of psychological, behavioral, or other counseling needs.

Type Provider Contact and Location Other information
Substance Abuse Counseling Dr. John L. Farrell Dr. Farrell operates out of offices located in Joliet and Homewood. Call to make an appointment at your preferred location. (708) 957-3695 Dr. Farrell is a clinical psychologist who has special training in the psychology of substance abuse and is part of the Associates in Clinical Psychology and Substance Abuse (A.C.P.S.A). He is also a recommended therapist of the Drug Court program.
Counseling More to come...    


The providers listed here specialize in rehab treatment of addiction including inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Type Provider Contact and Location Other information
Rehabilitation (in/outpatient) Stepping Stones 1621 Theodore Street, Joliet, IL 60435. (815) 744-4555 Stepping Stones is a highly rated and affordable rehabilitation option for anyone struggling with an addiction. It is well known throughout the state and is highly recommended by us at HERO.
Rehabilitation (in/outpatient) Rosecrance Rosecrance has several Illinois locations. Contact them for more information. 888-928-5278 Rosecrance is a rehabilitation provider that is highly regarded and recommended by many including the Will County Drug Court program.