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Matthew Ryan Kirk

October 13, 1990 - April 3, 2009

Matthew was a bright, considerate child. As a teenager, he had so many friends and family that loved him and cared for him. He was funny and loved to make people laugh. He loved to play hockey, skate board, ride on his ATV and hang out with his friends. His sisters, brother, nieces and nephews adored him. He was unaware of how many people loved him for just being Matt. His family and friends miss him every minute of the day, miss his bright smile and beautiful spirit.

Billy Roberts

Billy was only 19 years old when heroin claimed his life. Like so many other teens, Billy was lured into recreational drug use by friends. Looking back to when Billy started high school, it is very clear he was unprepared to deal with the temptation posed by recreational drug use. Once introduced to drugs, Billy’s life course was altered; and despite unwavering love and support from his family, Billy was lost to us all September 20, 2009. In his memory, Billy’s family has continued their fight to save other young people from the same tragic mistake. Shortly after losing Billy, his family co-founded the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization (HERO). HERO was founded in 2010 to help families struggling to save the life of a loved one. Donations and support from across the nation have allowed HERO to fight the heroin epidemic on several fronts. HERO offers Grief Support and Family Support services; promotes and participates in drug education and drug prevention programs; provides steadfast support for improvements in drug treatment; and staunchly advocates new drug policies. Although Billy was lost, he will live on through the work being done by HERO. In memory of Billy and all who have been lost to substance abuse … please join the fight – Be a HERO and save a life!

Christopher James Czarnik

Our Loving Son and Brother Chris passed away on April 22nd, 2015. Losing his long battle with his Demons and his Heroin Addiction. No Son was more Loved by his Parents, Sister, Family and Friends then Chris. And in turn Chris Loved us all. Christopher did not start out his life with a plan to be a drug user but his fight against Depression and Anxiety disorders turned the odds against him. His road to end his addiction was not helped by the misguided and inadequate treatment options offered to him and other Heroin users. May the passing of our Loving Son help begin the process of adequate and compassionate treatment options for Heroin users and the families that Love them. End the stigma of Heroin addiction and don’t be afraid to speak out for your children. We Love you and will never forget you Christopher, forever our Loving Son and Brother.

Katie Elizabeth Sitzes

Katie Elizabeth Sitzes, age 25, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday June 4, 2016. Katie was born Feb 22, 1991 and was the light to everyone in her family. Katie grew up to be an inspired writer but even more she was an inspirational person. She battled many demons for so very long, she was truly a warrior. Her struggle with heroin, eating disorder and metal illness was a long fight. She became the support to everyone she met and often helped others that shared her struggle to live another day. In the end she saved so many lives. Her spirit, soul, and love will always radiate through the hearts and eyes of everyone she met. She never saw herself clearly, now she will shine brightly. I will always love you K.K - Your sister Natalie

Daryn Michelle Homa

January 19,1986 - July 3, 2016

Beautiful Child, Rest In Paradise Your Family and Friends will miss your infectious smile and your wonderful Soul Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure

Blake Edward Nicol

April 16, 2017

Blake Edward Nicol of Washington DC passed on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Beloved son of Frank Edward Nicol, Mary Rose Ann Nicol and step-son of Miladys Nicol Martinez; loving brother of Danielle Nicol, Ronald Nicol, Donna Nicol, Jessica Espinal, Daniel Espinal, Jybel Espinal. Blake was born on March 21, 1992 at 4:03am to Frank and Mary Rose Nicol in Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was 8 pounds 3 ounces. Blake attended Saint Peters School for grades 1st-8th. He loved his school friends, his pet dog Murphy, going to work and fishing with his Dad. He also loved going to cabin, four-wheeling, and dirt biking. Blake attended Sherwood High School. He loved skateboarding with his friends often. He was instrumental in helping his father with work, by stocking materials on various construction projects and assisting the employees of Nicol Construction. Blake was a joy to be around, and was a special person in our family. He was a wonderful older brother to his younger brothers and sisters. He was the most kind hearted and loving person to all that knew him. He will be so extremely missed, and will be forever with us in our hearts.

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