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Matthew Ryan Kirk

October 13, 1990 - April 3, 2009

Matthew was a bright, considerate child. As a teenager, he had so many friends and family that loved him and cared for him. He was funny and loved to make people laugh. He loved to play hockey, skate board, ride on his ATV and hang out with his friends. His sisters, brother, nieces and nephews adored him. He was unaware of how many people loved him for just being Matt. His family and friends miss him every minute of the day, miss his bright smile and beautiful spirit.

Billy Roberts

Billy was only 19 years old when heroin claimed his life. Like so many other teens, Billy was lured into recreational drug use by friends. Looking back to when Billy started high school, it is very clear he was unprepared to deal with the temptation posed by recreational drug use. Once introduced to drugs, Billy’s life course was altered; and despite unwavering love and support from his family, Billy was lost to us all September 20, 2009. In his memory, Billy’s family has continued their fight to save other young people from the same tragic mistake. Shortly after losing Billy, his family co-founded the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization (HERO). HERO was founded in 2010 to help families struggling to save the life of a loved one. Donations and support from across the nation have allowed HERO to fight the heroin epidemic on several fronts. HERO offers Grief Support and Family Support services; promotes and participates in drug education and drug prevention programs; provides steadfast support for improvements in drug treatment; and staunchly advocates new drug policies. Although Billy was lost, he will live on through the work being done by HERO. In memory of Billy and all who have been lost to substance abuse … please join the fight – Be a HERO and save a life!

Christopher James Czarnik

Our Loving Son and Brother Chris passed away on April 22nd, 2015. Losing his long battle with his Demons and his Heroin Addiction. No Son was more Loved by his Parents, Sister, Family and Friends then Chris. And in turn Chris Loved us all. Christopher did not start out his life with a plan to be a drug user but his fight against Depression and Anxiety disorders turned the odds against him. His road to end his addiction was not helped by the misguided and inadequate treatment options offered to him and other Heroin users. May the passing of our Loving Son help begin the process of adequate and compassionate treatment options for Heroin users and the families that Love them. End the stigma of Heroin addiction and don’t be afraid to speak out for your children. We Love you and will never forget you Christopher, forever our Loving Son and Brother.

Katie Elizabeth Sitzes

Katie Elizabeth Sitzes, age 25, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday June 4, 2016. Katie was born Feb 22, 1991 and was the light to everyone in her family. Katie grew up to be an inspired writer but even more she was an inspirational person. She battled many demons for so very long, she was truly a warrior. Her struggle with heroin, eating disorder and metal illness was a long fight. She became the support to everyone she met and often helped others that shared her struggle to live another day. In the end she saved so many lives. Her spirit, soul, and love will always radiate through the hearts and eyes of everyone she met. She never saw herself clearly, now she will shine brightly. I will always love you K.K - Your sister Natalie

Daryn Michelle Homa

January 19,1986 - July 3, 2016

Beautiful Child, Rest In Paradise Your Family and Friends will miss your infectious smile and your wonderful Soul Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure

Blake Edward Nicol

April 16, 2017

Blake Edward Nicol of Washington DC passed on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Beloved son of Frank Edward Nicol, Mary Rose Ann Nicol and step-son of Miladys Nicol Martinez; loving brother of Danielle Nicol, Ronald Nicol, Donna Nicol, Jessica Espinal, Daniel Espinal, Jybel Espinal. Blake was born on March 21, 1992 at 4:03am to Frank and Mary Rose Nicol in Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was 8 pounds 3 ounces. Blake attended Saint Peters School for grades 1st-8th. He loved his school friends, his pet dog Murphy, going to work and fishing with his Dad. He also loved going to cabin, four-wheeling, and dirt biking. Blake attended Sherwood High School. He loved skateboarding with his friends often. He was instrumental in helping his father with work, by stocking materials on various construction projects and assisting the employees of Nicol Construction. Blake was a joy to be around, and was a special person in our family. He was a wonderful older brother to his younger brothers and sisters. He was the most kind hearted and loving person to all that knew him. He will be so extremely missed, and will be forever with us in our hearts.

Angela Amy Payne

1/27/1992 to 7/4/2017

Michael Anthony Wrobel

August 27, 2017

Mike was born on February 9, 1983. He passed away suddenly on August 27, 2017. Mike had such an infectious smile and his eyes would twinkle simultaneously. He loved to have fun no matter what he was doing and made life around him very enjoyable. He loved to play board games, watch comedies, sing songs on top of his lungs, lottery tickets, dogs, liked to watch all types of sports, and loved the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike was very hardworking at his job and he was a very loyal friend. He left behind two young sons, family and friends who loved him a bunch. Rest in peace, Michael. We love you.

Sean H Schroeder

February 22, 1997 - July 16, 2017

Sean was a tender-hearted loving young man who would never deliberately hurt anyone. His heart was so kind. He loved active sports - soccer, wrestling, rugby and played hard. His favorite thing since he conquered the baby gate before a year old was climbing - trees, bridges, poles, rocks - you name it and it was a challenge he could not resist. Rock walls were great fun for Sean and he loved getting to the top. He was also good at hiding his pain and addiction and so many who loved him are still wondering how we missed all the signs.

Mary Underwood

Juliy 14 1994- August 23 2017

Mary is in now in Heaven. She is finally free of all the fears of her world.

Erin Marie Nemmers


April 14, 1988 - November 4, 2017 Erin is at peace with her heavenly father.

Anton Joseph Lemieux

March 10 2017

Anton was so much more than his addiction. He worked incredibly hard for everything he had, and for everyone in his life. He valued, and was valued. In March of 2017, his father found his body in his bedroom at the age of 24, poisoned by fentanyl. He had battled his addiction for a couple years, quietly, only his loving partner, Katrina, knowing most of the situation. His family is thankful to Katrina for trying her hardest to keep him safe, and for loving him and fighting for him so fiercely. Anton was a hero, he was an artist, he was a student, he was a model employee, he was a brother, son, nephew, child, friend, partner. He was so many things. But above all, he was incredibly loved. And still, to this day, he will continue to be loved, and remembered. Fondly, fiercely, emotionally, he will remain in our lives until we join him, wherever he is. "raining is a closed place, with trees like blankets resting in a closed place with sheets like sleeping bags. the breath is lost and found automatic caverns of buried down warmth shivering the morning crows raining is a closed place with trees like blankets" - Anton Joseph Lemieux

Anthony N. Conti


Gentle Soul...Kind Heart. Anthony was never able to find his place in this world in spite of great friends and a loving family.Maybe in our next life we will better understand his pain.

Christie Herring

January 19, 2018

Christie battled addiction from her 20s until she died of a heroin overdose at age 41. She was an inpatient three different times in North Carolina rehabilitation centers. Intelligent and well educated her last two and a half years were spent reveling in a life long dream of being a mother. She hid her relapse from family and friends and she died alone except her two year old son was by her side when she overdosed. She would hate herself to know that he stayed alone by her body until she was discovered the next day. She had a loving father and mother and stepfather and three brothers and three nieces and nephews all left to grieve and figure out how to go on. She loved life and had a beautiful smile.

Bryce bentley



January 10, 2018

Vanessa, age 26, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday January 10, 2018. Vanessa was born July 12, 1991 and was the Light and Happiness to everyone in her family. She grew up with inspirations to make the world a better place and help everyone and anyone smile and laugh and feel better. She became the support to everyone she met and she truly helped and made a difference to less fortunate people, she often gave the coat off her back or her last dollar to anyone who needed it. How often we wished she would just be a little more selfish and care for herself more than others, but that wasn’t who she was. Vanessa was a straight ‘A’ Student, Daughter and Sister. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science degree and immediately after graduation she met someone who she cared for very much and introduced her to Heroin and after that she could not escape its devastating grip for the next few years. She fought and tried with all her soul and determination but ultimately lost the battle after an overdose of fetanyl which she thought was heroin. We will always Love and cherish you, and will carry you forward to make your dreams and wishes realized. You are missed so much – Dad, Mom and Mike.

Harley James Dickson

August 18, 1990 - March 17, 2018

Harley is 27 years old, and there are years he brought nothing but joy to everyone he came in contact with. He is filled with a wonderful spirit and such love for life that it is contagious, and rubs off on everyone who knows him. He spends his time really living his life, and not letting a second go to waste. Living fearlessly has brought him much adventure, and he has experienced many things most don't have the courage to dream. His love for God shaped the beautiful man that he grew to be. His faith was followed only by his love for his family which is filled with many beautiful memories and times shared. Harley is the type of person who would give the shirt off his back, or be the voice of the voiceless. Standing up for what he felt is right, even if it meant he stood alone. With him being able to bring light to every situation, or make you laugh in your darkest times, he would not want anyone to be sad. Even if we feel the world is at a loss, or we are left with a void. Harley will be mourned by many, but remembered by all. So, let us rejoice at the time we got with him, and praise God for bringing him home. Even though your body may not be with us, your spirit is, and you will never leave our hearts. We wait for the day when we will be called home with you, knowing you are waiting there smiling with open arms. Until that day, we will take it one day at a time knowing you are looking down and smiling. We love and miss you so much, but we will hold on to times shared. Knowing this life is only temporary, and you are loved and at peace in the hands of your Father. We live now for you, and in your memory rest with God beloved son, brother, husband and friend.

Mariah Mylott


Mariah, age 25, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday March 6, 2018. Mariah was born October 8, 1992 Her gentle loving soul, kind compassionate and caring ways brought so much joy to our family. Mariah had touched so many family and friends in some small way throughout her short, yet very memorable life. Mariah's life would seem too short to many, but those who were loved by her and touched by her, understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. Although she was taken from us far too soon, she reminded us of the preciousness of life. She had a unique fire and passion inside her for the small things in life and enjoyed family gatherings and activities that brought people together. Mariah was introduced to Heroin at an early age by people whom she thought were her friends. Mariah struggled for years to get off Heroin and went to several rehabilitation clinics and services which would work for awhile but eventually it would be re-intoduced to her life and the cycle would start over again. As hard as she fought, she lost that battle on the 6th of March 2018. I love you so much my sweet baby and you are so painfully missed. Love you forever - Dad, Brooke, Dezmond and Mikayla.

Sally Adelle May

May 29, 1987 - March 1, 2018

Cherished daughter, sister, aunt & friend. One of six children, Sally had a childhood full of adventure, gymnastics, bike rides, tree and snow forts, and beach trips. Into adulthood, she worked long hours to consistently accomplish more than what was asked of her. Her internal beauty radiated to the rest of the world through her smile and sense of humor and sarcasm. Countless people could not help but fall almost instantly in love with her. Whether you knew her for 30 years or 30 seconds, she made a lasting impression on everyone. She so much loved the beach, sun and great seafood. In gathering her photos, a recurring theme quickly emerged: she was always right by the side of her loved ones showing patient support. An adored aunt, Sally was magnificent with children in part because of her silly, carefree demeanor. Despite her struggles, Sally's moral compass remained unbroken-a pure, honest soul. She will be missed by so many and the world is a little less bright without her. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing"

Richard Staples

February 22, 1962 - November 2, 2017

Richard had started taking drugs when he was a teenager. He could be a very funny, unique and nice man, but underneath there was sadness, loneliness and fears that it seemed he killed with being high. In the end, being high seemed to be his life and love above anything else. He was getting Fentonal off the streets and that mixed with other things finally did him in.

Anthony R. Lange

11-5-1984 - 9-2-2017

If tears could build a stairway...I'd walk right to heaven and bring you home. Love, Mom

Christopher Lee Kocourek

November 18, 1992 - January 10, 2017

Christopher Lee Kocourek passed away suddenly at 24 years old on January 10th 2017. Christopher was a loving son, brother, uncle, cousin, and grandson. Christopher was an avid Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs fan. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and playing hockey. He will be remembered for his caring heart, and always being there to help others. Christopher had contagious laugh and smile that could light up a room. Unfortunately Christopher lost his light to addiction when he was a sophomore in high school. He never gave up on his journey through addiction, but ultimately heroin won that battle. Christopher is missed every single day, he left a heart broken family behind. Until we meet again 1.10.17

Eric Carlson

July 25, 1980 - January 30, 2017

On January 30, 2017, Eric Carlson passed away from an overdose. He had been using heroin for a couple months before it fatally took his life. The heroin he snorted was 60% fetanyl. He was only 36. Eric was loved, adored, cherished and admired by many people. There isn't a single person who met him that wasn't blown away by his infectious personality, humor and free spirit. He left behind many loved ones. His mother and father, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, a girlfriend of ten years, his 14 month old daughter and his son whom was born two weeks after his death. Since Eric has been gone there is now an emptiness in all of our lives. The biggest absence will be the fact that his children will never know their father.

Jake Tabor

August 30, 1989 - December 17, 2016


October 8, 2017

Rick (Richard) Dozier October 8, 2017 Rick was addicted to heroin by age 14. He was a handsome, outgoing, fun-loving, budding athlete from a loving family. Rick fought a lifelong battle with heroin and alcohol addiction. He was a son, a good brother, a father, a grandfather, a beloved uncle and a friend. He would be so pleased if his story helps others.

Trent A. Bartolomucci

December 17, 1992 - October 9, 2014

Trent was 21 years old when he left us and went home to be with the Lord. He was a loyal, loving, funny, creative young man who enjoyed learning. He was an accounting major at the University of Missouri in his junior year. Trent was taken away from this like and us much too soon.

Christopher DeCesare

March 7, 1987 - August 23, 2017

Our son Christopher was a fun loving individual who enjoyed life to the fullest and had his whole life ahead of him. Christopher was always willing to help others before he would help himself. He was not only our son but a brother, uncle, grandson, nephew and cousin. But unfortunately and unnecessarily lost his battle with this disease August 23, 2017. He’s forever be missed by family and many friends.


JANUARY 9, 1984 - MAY 20, 2018

Anthony died at the young age of 34 from heroin use. Anthony was born in Edison, NJ and when he was two years old, moved to North Brunswick, NJ where he remained a life long resident. Anthony was a 2002 graduate of North Brunswick Township High School and was very much into computers and video games. He enjoyed playing paintball and was an avid collector of various collectible memorabilia. He loved to read and watch action movies, especially those that pertained to comic book characters. His favorite comic book character was Batman. Anthony will be missed by his family and friends. May he rest in peace with all our love.

Jessica Maria Boushie


Jessica (37) was the only daughter of Steven and Jackie and the oldest of 6 . Her 5 brothers love and miss her as does everyone who knew her. Jessica died of an accidental overdose that was largely Fentanyl. Jessica suffered from Bi-polar disease and drug addiction, having started using Heroin during the last year or two. She had many suicide attempts and rehab stays during her lifetime but we thought things were going better, she was in counseling and going to meetings and we felt we had our daughter/skister back. We’ll never understand what happened... her father and I found her. It’s something we’ll never get over. If her death stops one person from using... it would be something. Addiction is horrible and changes everyone in your family. Jessica will never know how many lives she touched or how much she was loved...she always felt like she was alone and unloveable, Her many demons made her feel that way. Our hope is that the Hero Foundation educates and helps those who need it so we can stop losing these young people💔 Our daughter was vibrant and beautiful , with a kind heart who loved children. That’s how we’ll remember her💜

John Paul Oles

May 4, 1983 - August 4, 2012

John is deeply missed by his mom and dad, his sisters and brother, his nephews, Goddaughter and friends. John‘s opiate addiction began like so many others, from a prescription drug given to him by his doctors after knee surgery. None of us knew what opiates could do to a young person’s brain chemistry. None of us knew opiates would end up being stronger than he was and eventually take his life. Once John realized he was addicted and unable to stop when he wanted to, he asked us for help. He had a loving family support system and all of us worked together with him to try to beat this disease; if only that would have been enough to keep him here with us. John was only 29. He had his whole life ahead of him.

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