Hidden in Plain Sight

													There is help for parents who may not know their kids are using drugs or alcohol .  There are ways to spot the problem, but adults have to be trained on what to look for.  The “Hidden In Plain Sight” trailer is a program HERO is presenting to show families the importance of detecting drugs and alcohol in their own home.  The inside of the trailer is designed to look like a teenagers bedroom, with ordinary items placed in plain view to show where drugs or alcohol can be hidden.  This educational tool is a great opportunity to educate family members on the importance of keeping a drug free home.   

The “bedroom” shows the warning signs and clues that aim to open parents eyes. What looks like a school textbook, sitting on your child’s desk may be hiding an addiction.   This new tool comes as heroin and opioid use tightens its grip in our communities.  

The 2019 tailer season is here. Be sure to keep updated on where the trailer will be next so you can plan to stop by. We have added several new props since last season.

Upcoming viewing at:

Saturday June 8th at the Hike for Life event at 21300 S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort. Our trailer will be here from 7 AM until 1 PM. 

Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29 in Seneca from 5 PM to 9 PM at the Shipyard Days located at 340 N. Cash  St in Seneca, Illinois 61360


To Reserve Trailer Call 708-557-8394